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Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

10 Simple Ways to Raise your Vibration


Everything on the planet is about vibration… frequency… and energy. Absolutely everything! Remember 8th grade science? Solid, liquid and gas are all based on vibration. We speak in energy terms. We seek energy drinks to boost our energy. There are songs about good vibrations. We tune our radios in by frequency. How do you think Wi-Fi works?   It’s energy that is used in ultrasounds, laser, electricity, x-rays, microwaves… I could go on and on. I think you get the point. We use energy vibration every single day!

We all know people who are low vibration. They have no energy. They drain the other people around them. They are angry or sad. They are depressed or lack motivation.   On the other side of the spectrum are those who have high vibration. They are peppy, show appreciation, are on the move and beam happiness.   Those are the people we like to be around because they light us up. They bring out our best. And they make us feel energized too. Be one of those people!

How do they do it? How do they keep their vibration up? Here are a few simple ways you can raise your energy vibration. Whether it is short term, like a midafternoon slump, or to get you through a trauma or crisis, or maybe you’d like to find ways to keep your vibrational frequency in the happiness zone always – then these tips are for you!

  1. Breathe!! Deep breaths are standard in other cultures. In ours, not so much. We slouch at the computer or while watching TV and decrease the size of our lung expansion. We keep our heads down looking at our devices and significantly decrease our ability to take in a full breath. We use one-third to one-half of our lung capacity and we often feel anxiety or shortness of breath.     STOP! Take a big deep breath. Inflate those lungs to their fullest. Now, close your eyes and take another deep breath in and as you slowly exhale visualize yourself releasing anything and everything that slows you down or holds you back.   Boom! Instant rise in energy and vibration!
  1. Hydrate with water!!   Humans are supposed to be about 73% water. The typical American is about 57% water. Dehydrated because of our diet, our beverage choices and our lack of attention to the signs of dehydration. Dehydration lowers our vibration! Drink water! We are designed to drink water! Not soda. Not coffee loaded with sugar and cream or other flavorings. It’s water! Try using these little sachets in your water to mineralize and alkalize AND provide electrolytes!   X2O sachets.
  1. Nutrition!! Live foods increase our vibration. Fresh fruits and vegetables improve our health and increase our vibration. They contain enzymes which promote health and prevent disease. Disease manifests in lower vibrations! Eat fresh, organic, live foods for best health and higher vibes!
  1. Music !! Music is all about frequency and vibrations. Music can raise our frequency/vibration or lower it depending on the type of music chosen. Lyrics matter! Choose music with a pleasant rhythm, uplifting lyrics and an appealing tone to raise your vibration. Classical music, stringed instruments, and jazz all have a way of increasing our vibration. Start today!
  1. Move!! Movement increases energy faster than anything else. Dance. Exercise. Run. Do yoga. Have sex. Free movement releases the stagnant energy in our muscles and joints and raises our vibration. We get happy. We feel alive and energized. Do it everyday! Do something – move – everyday.                                                           images-8
  2. Laughter !! Laughter is not only the best medicine it is the best way to raise the vibration of individuals as well as whole auditoriums of people. Where there is laughter there can be no sadness (low vibe). Watch comedy’s. Play games with children. Spend time with puppies or kitties.
  1. Declutter !! Everything has a vibration. Clutter has a collection of those vibrations… Read this, organize that, file these, finish that… and all that vibration of things needing to be handled or put away, causes a lower vibration in the space as well as those within it. So, declutter and feel the good vibrations flow!
  1. Be in Nature!! Trees have good vibrations. Nature has a way of grounding us and making us feel more connected. Those feelings of connectedness help us feel happier and we already know, happiness increases our frequency vibration.
  1. Stop watching the news!!   How do you feel after watching the news? News reports. Politics. Car accidents. Murders. Disasters. All depressing subjects that lower our vibration. Is there anything on the news that is uplifting, heartwarming or help us to raise our vibration?   No! Stop watching and do something else with that time.
  1. What makes your heart sing? Do the things you love to do.  Crafts. Sew. Fly model planes. Build legos. Cook/bake.    Volunteer! Do the things that make you happy. Your vibration will rise like a balloon escaping the grip of a child’s hand.


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A Daughter’s Grace

    spiritual-transforamtion Yesterday I received a text from a young girl whose father was in hospice care.  She asked for help understanding the death process of both the physical body and his spirit.  Hospice had provided her with a book on physical changes she would notice and how to respond as the body prepares for death.  She said she was wholly unprepared for how to handle the spiritual aspect.
     Her questions were deep and profound.  She wanted to support his spiritual needs as much as his physical needs.  Yet, there wasn’t adequate information on what those spiritual needs might be.  She said, “They didn’t give me a book about this!”  She wondered if there is a proper way to say goodbye.  She asked if he would know whether she was there beside his physical body or if she was praying for him from home.  She asked if the atmosphere in the house would affect him (the loud TV and all the noise and activity was a lot for her to handle too.) So many questions….
     I’ve been a nurse for over 25 years.  I’ve spent a lot of time with dying people both in the hospital and in their homes.  I found great joy in working with hospice patients and their families.  It’s the most difficult time for a family, sending a loved one off to the spirit world.  One thing I know for sure, each death transition is different in the circumstances leading up to it, the people involved, and their reaction to it. There is no one right way to do this.  There are a lot of things to do that are well received.  And there are plenty of things that are not well received.  So many variables!
     Once I determined what her expectations were for herself during this process it was easier to guide her.  She wrote notes from our conversation and implemented the to-do list that evening.  She had a beautiful, loving (though one-sided) conversation with her father.  The house was calm and peaceful and she knew he was resting easier.  When she left him this morning, she was at peace, too.
     This evening she received a call from the hospice nurse indicating his transition could be in the next 24-36 hours.  She was confused about what to do.  She felt badly because she was trying to figure out whether to go to his bedside again (hours away) or go to sleep and potentially go to work in the morning.  She said, “I need someone to walk me through this because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.  How am I supposed to know what’s the right thing to do?”
     Tonight’s conversation was quite different.  During our conversation we discussed how to talk to his non-physical presence, his soul.  She asked for a visual.  “How does that look?”  I asked for her angels to help me with what visual would be best for her. As I described the beautiful visual of colors her angels showed me, she was able to finish the description as she was seeing it herself!  Beautiful!  Amazing!  Perfect!  I had chills!  I was in awe!
     She asked one final question.  “What else do I need to do to help him?”  After our conversation yesterday, I had asked her angels that very question.  I wanted to be prepared in case she asked.  She did!  I gave her the information about forgiveness that her angels had shared with me.  I knew she would understand the message even though I didn’t.  It was not my message…I was just the messenger!  She asked a few clarifying questions and then said, “Oh, I get it….I know what they mean.   So, I just need to let him know that’s been taken care of.  I will do that now!”  And she did.  She was able to receive the guidance she needed.  She was able to process the forgiveness herself immediately!  And with a visual that was clear and beautiful, and easy to recall.
     Our entire phone conversation was just under 12 minutes.  Exactly 2 minutes after our call ended, my phone rang again.  I was surprised to see it was her calling again. She said that as soon as we hung up, her phone rang.  The hospice nurse had called to say her father had died…transition complete.  We both knew immediately… the vision we had both seen was of her forgiven father making his transition to spirit.  We both were in awe and wonder!  What a gift for both of us!  This young girl had an amazing spiritual experience tonight that will remain with her forever.  She said it was BEAUTIFUL! She was so pleased!  I was so honored to be with her at that time.  Though we were physically 1,000 miles apart, we were together on that phone and our spirits were in alignment with her father.  What an incredible blessing!
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What is Energy Medicine?

400_Human_Energy_Field_2I get a lot of questions about energy medicine…  In a nutshell….  Energy Medicine is based on physics rather than biochemistry.  Physics is the study of energy.  You remember from high school?  Physics does not override biochem.  It DRIVES it!  Biology and Chemistry behave according to the laws of physics.  The human body is made of energy.  ALL matter has energy!  IF you have ever had an x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, EKG, EEG, EMG, laser surgery, etc… they are all done using energy!

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of a singular body system.  My friend, Christina Ross,compares western medicine to auto mechanics, plumbers and electricians.  It’s a GREAT analogy.  The human body has bones (structure), digestive system (plumbing), and nervous system (electrical).  Western medicine treats the body systems separately.  If we have a heart problem we see a cardiologist.  If we have a stomach problem we see a gastroenterologist.  If we have a structure problem we see an orthopedist.  Pharmaceuticals (medications) affect the chemical signals in the body and all medications have side effects meaning they affect (mostly negatively) other body systems because they interfere with the chemical signals of the body.  Treating the body as if it is just a sum of it’s individual parts is not only inefficient it is often detrimental to the body as a whole.

Energy medicine recognizes ALL body systems are connected and strives to harmonize the entire energy system.  When the body is in energetic balance, (then and only then) does the body heal itself.  Energy medicine works with the electromagnetic signals of the body.  Since every cell, tissue, muscle, bone, organ, blood…  every part of the body is energy and therefore sending electromagnetic signals throughout the body – harmonizing them to balance is the most efficient way to heal the body.  Since every part of the human body is interconnected and integrated with every other part of the human body – achieving balance in a body system also means achieving energetic balance to the whole.

In our culture, we think nothing of getting an X-ray nor do we understand fully how the energy of it works.  We get an ultrasound and only care about the results and nothing about the energetics of how it works.  We see our heart rate blipping on the monitor screen and don’t understand the science behind the graph. We are just happy to see the activity that indicates we have a beating heart!  Measuring the brain waves (EEG) is yet another tool to measure energy waves and determine the brain activity.  Each of these examples are an example of using energy for testing or reading the electrical signals within the body.  We use these terms nearly every day yet we know little to nothing about the science of these tools which measure the energy within the body.  But we do not question the validity!

Conventional medicine is newer in comparison to energy medicine.  Pharmaceuticals have only been around for the last 60 years.  Yet, energy medicine and hands on healing have been see in drawings dating back to 2700 BC.    It is well studied and again I remind you…. there are no negative side effects.  I’ve been told only Jesus heals…  I submit to you that is wholly inaccurate!  Every human body has the ability to heal itself.  You have healed yourself of cuts, abrasions, broken bones, and many illnesses including influenza, colds, gastroenteritis, headaches, and many other interruptions of the human system.  No medicine can cure you.  No doctor can heal you.  You heal yourself.  Healing is made easier and much more efficient when you treat the body as a whole, recognize and harmonize the human energy system, and only use medications when truly necessary.  Fortunately, medications are seldom truly necessary!   Thankfully, we have the scientific understanding of energy medicine and it is available at our fingertips!


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Doctors Practice Witchcraft?

dictionary pharmaceuticalWhen looking for a definition we are unsure of, we seek the answer in the dictionary.   We have learned, though, the dictionary is ever changing as we, the people, create new idioms or use words once considered “slang” and now considered common.  Consider the correct use of the word; anxious.  Many people use it as a form of expressing anticipation and eagerness for a meeting or event.  i.e. I’m so anxious to meet you.  However, the definition of anxious actually means;  afraid, nervous, showing fear, or feeling anxiety.  Thus the correct word for expressing happy anticipation is eager.  i.e.  I am eager to see you again.  Interesting, right?

Now consider the definition of pharmaceutical.  We think of pharmaceutical as being related to drugs, medicines or pharmacy.  However, just a few short years ago, that was not the Webster’s definition.  In 1968, Websters defined pharmaceutical:  to practice witchcraft or sorcery.  In my parent’s 1979 Webster’s Dictionary (photo above) it is defined:  to practice witchcraft or use medicine.  The same dictionary defines pharmacon: poison.    So, what’s changed?  Certainly we cannot argue medicine or pharmaceuticals are improved such that we now have removed the definition poison and/or witchcraft.  Quite the contrary.  We have an incredible number of class action lawsuits against many different pharmaceuticals and new suits arise every year.
What’s changed?  It’s our acceptance and usage.  As the percentage of American’s using pharmaceuticals increased year after year one could hardly ignore the definition no longer spoke to the masses, right?  How many physicians would approve of Webster’s defining the majority of their practice as witchcraft and sorcery?  How many patients seeking the latest and greatest pill for what ails them would approve of their prescription for poison?  How many people would approve of the majority of our TV commercials advertising better ways to practice witchcraft with the best poison?  Really….   think about it!
Every pharmaceutical has a side effect (or six).   Often, the side effect is a worsening case of what you have initially.  Sometimes, the side effect is the opposite of what you are seeking.  Sometimes, the side effects are such that your body must be monitored for failure of another body system.  Not because your original ailment would cause that other system to fail, but the medication will!!

The body is designed to heal itself.  When we fuel it with healthy foods full of wholesome enzymes meant to help the body restore itself…when we hydrate our cells, tissues, fluids and organs such that they perform as designed… and when we rest and refresh our bodies… our bodies will seek to heal and regain balance.  An imbalance always has a root cause.  Discovering the root cause enables a quicker and more successful pathway to wholeness and healing.  Please… Take a few moments to think about pharmaceuticals (medication) and see if you can find one that actually cures a disease or illness.  Not something that just masks the symptoms, but truly cures.   I’m pondering…..but so far…. not one!


Ohh… To be a plumber…

fixing-a-leaky-shower-faucet_87807702.s300x300   If I was a plumber and knew my friends, family, and neighbors had leaky faucets, I would be willing to help them.  I would shake my head in bewilderment if they didn’t ask me to help.  And I would be disappointed for them to have leaky faucets.  Why?  Because leaky faucets mean they have water to clean up or possibly water damage.  An undetected leak would also include mold growth and damage.  Leaky faucets also result in a higher cost in water bills.  And it means a waste of a precious resource.

I am not a plumber.  I am a health, life and performance coach.  My passion is health promotion and disease prevention.  I teach people how to build a strong immune system.  I encourage people to healthier food and lifestyle choices for better well-being and longevity.  I help people heal themselves from illness or chronic disease.  And I guide people to discover the connection between their mind, body and spirit.  Like a plumber, I am willing to help others to repair their issues and improve their circumstances.  Like a plumber, I am bewildered when people are suffering  (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) and don’t ask for help.  Why?  Because whether we are in a health crisis or just looking for better ways to promote our health and wellness, we can waste precious time and energy seeking information and answers.  We look for a quick fix for the symptoms rather than a long term resolution to the initiating problem.  It’s like wrapping a towel around the leaky faucet.  The towel will absorb the water for awhile but the leak remains.  Eventually, the wet towel becomes part of the problem, too

Symptom suppression is the same.  While suppressing the symptoms, we are not resolving the problem.  This means longer healing times, IF healing occurs at all.  It means possible further damage caused by the side effects of the symptom suppression medications.   And,  it means the initial problem continues to produce the same or similar symptoms because it is not resolved. Symptoms are actually messages to the brain/body that a problem exits.  The body will continue to send the messages as long as the problem exists. That means the symptoms continue or increase in intensity or duration, which means more medication is needed to suppress them.  It’s an interesting and complex cycle which often becomes a cyclone of symptoms which leads to more and different medications to address or suppress the symptoms.

Sadly, I shake my head in bewilderment wondering why anyone would want to continue on that path, especially when other options exist. Yet, I witness the journey for many,  If I was a plumber, their continued leaky faucets would be disappointing for me to witness .  As a health and life coach, their suffering is painful for me to witness.   Yes… there are times I wish I was a plumber.


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Grace and Grief



Today I had the honor of being the support for a friend as he said goodbye to his beloved cat of 10 years. She had been his companion during the loss of his mother ( his closest companion and friend) and his uncle (who was his mentor). He described his cat as “the perfect kitty for me”.  He said she was curious but not troublesome. She was fun and funny but also laid back and relaxed. She loved to watch the world from her window perch and was content with being doted upon. They had simple routines which provided comfort to them both especially during times of stress.  She was the perfect companion for him.

Five weeks ago he was concerned that her increased consumption of water might mean she had diabetes. With trepidation he made the vet appointment. He was not at all prepared for the words the veterinarian said to him.  “Haley is a very sick kitty.  She has a tumor in her kidney and her kidneys are failing.  She needs to be put to sleep before she has seizures, becomes senile or goes into a coma.”   My friend was so shocked he simply couldn’t think clearly. He drove home and literally fell apart. We chatted and he decided to have some energy work done for Haley and for himself. He decided to pray for a miracle.   Haley was in good spirits and seemed herself for the next four weeks. He wondered if he had his miracle.  But then, slowly, over the last few days, Haley began lose weight. Her appetite waned. She began to throw up what she did eat and she drank less water. He could tell her thinking was out of her norm too.  She tried to get into the refrigerator. She tried to lift the lid on the toilet bowl. She often just stared at him. He asked me to do a read on her energy. It was with sadness I told him she was beginning her transition Home.

True to his nature, my friend struggled with what to do and when. Was it too soon?  Should he wait? How would he know when?  How could he do IT?   And afterward… Then what?   He would be so lonely!  We talked… A lot!   The appointment was scheduled and the grieving began.   “How can a person make so many tears,” he asked?  This morning, I picked him up and together we drove Miss Haley to the clinic. She was ready. She rested quietly in the car. Her usual response to car rides was a bit of vocal complaining. Today she was peaceful and quiet.  As we arrived at the clinic he cried “I wish I had an appointment time when no one else would be here. I can’t stand for anyone to see me like this. “. As I softly touched his arm, I gently reminded him, “everyone here today is also a pet person. They will understand and feel your grief. These are just the right people to share your experience!”

With all paperwork formalities done, we sat in exam room. We chatted and giggled about her funny stories. He held her and he cried. She, however , just lay peacefully in his arms. She looked at him often and he asked me again if it was too soon.  She nuzzled him and that was his answer that the timing was just right.  When the vet confirmed this was the right time, he allowed the two companions to share a few moments. He thanked her for her years of companionship and love. He kissed he sweet face and stroked her throughout. She transitioned in the arms of her person, comforted and surrounded in all his loving energy. He, too, was surrounded in loving peace far greater than just my human arms. It was as if there was a team of angels there for her transition and his strength.

Those who have experienced the deep connection with our 4legged companions understand the grace and goodness that comes with sharing life together. Yet, we also know all too well the grief and the gratitude that comes when letting go.  I am honored to have been there to support Haley’s human.  I am, as always, humbled by the beauty of unconditional love.

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What is Energy Healing? Voice America Radio Show

Barbette SpitlerAre we more than just a physical being? Of course we are! Join this lively discussion with Barbette Spitler for education and guidance in the world of Energy Healing. As a Spiritual and Medical Intuitive, Barbette brings a unique perspective to the understanding of the interaction of energy and our environment, thoughts, and relationships. Not just the basics, but also a suggestion as to how you might integrate energy healing into your total wellness practice to create your optimal state of health and well- being.

Listen to this episode now…

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