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Movies Often Bring Brilliant Messages

Hollywood has, for many decades, been the bringer of movies with a story line filled with entertainment, while carrying a hidden, but poignant message.  For those who resonate with the message buried deep within the scenery, costumes, and music, the information can be simple or it can be life altering.  

Though I seldom go to the movie theatre, I recently saw “Saving Mr. Banks”.  Seeing the previews, I understood the move to be about bringing Mary Poppins to life through Disney.  Yes, that would be the general theme of the movie.  However, expertly disguised within that story line is yet a deeper and far more brilliant message for viewers.  How Mary Poppins came to be written!

Everyone has a story!  Hidden deep within the psyche of every human being is a story line that impacts their thoughts, feelings, and decisions, as well as their actions and reactions.  You will notice this connection as you view the movie.  You notice this dynamic with every person you meet, if you choose. 

After suffering a loss in my young life, I remember feeling surprised how others didn’t see my grief.  But, how would they know?  It’s a quick life lesson, isn’t it?  My grief, my sadness, my lack of focus… they were only mine.  I was, at times, lost in my grief.  Several times I found myself staring off into space, lost in thought, only to find another person trying to get my attention.  When I finally acknowledged, I could see their annoyance.  Unless I announced my grief, they could only presume my distraction.  I learned!  I learned everyone has a story. I may never know the reasoning behind someones actions or reactions, but I do know, with certainty, they have a story line that runs deep within.  

I could name many movies with brilliant messages hidden within the story.  But my message today is not about the movies themselves.  I could tell you the brilliance buried within “Saving Mr. Banks”.  But that is not my message today.  Instead it is about finding compassion for others.  Especially for those who’s actions seem out of balance.  Although we do not have to know their story – knowing they have one helps us to be empathetic, patient, understanding.  And maybe, just maybe, we can offer a loving gesture like Ralph did (go see the movie) and be the pivotal point in someone’s life journey.

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